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Ownest was created by the company’s founder and CEO, Kendall Raessler. With over 25 years of industry experience as a top Canadian mortgage expert, Kendall saw the flaws of the traditional mortgage and financing process, from both the homebuilder and customer perspective. He set out to make it faster, easier and better, for everyone.

What began as a way for borrowers to apply for a mortgage online evolved into the audacious goal of innovating how financing is done in all industries, around the world. For Ownest, revolutionizing the mortgage process is just the beginning.

In 2020, Ownest shifted its business focus from a cloud-based, financing approval engine for borrowers to a B2B SaaS model to help developers, homebuilders and real estate professionals sell more homes, faster.

Now, the company’s autonomous financing approval engine is getting a lot of attention from the industry and beyond. Ownest was in the top 1% of applications chosen for the Holt Accelerator program, Canada’s prestigious seed fintech accelerator. Many of Canada’s top real estate industry players are partnering with Ownest and other industries are recognizing the benefits of leveraging our solution.

Our end-to-end financing approval engine has the potential to be the ultimate tool for closing sales whenever credit is a gateway — whatever the industry. It’s technology tailored to your business. Our solution can benefit borrowers, lenders and any business that offers financing as part of its product offering. It’s not only a unique sales funnel tool, it optimizes the entire financing process, helping you to save time and maximize revenues.

From the ultimate lead qualifier that intelligently screens customers to determine creditworthiness at a glance, to in-depth business insights that let you know your customer like never before, to an AI-driven platform that automates tasks and creates tailor-made financing proposals, our platform is a win-win for businesses, lenders and customers. The customizable widget seamlessly integrates into your business systems and digital platforms for easy online sales and omni-channel marketing, via your brand. Our engine does the work, you get the credit and a means to build customer loyalty.

And we are with you every step of the way, with expert and friendly support and training.

Isn’t it time to make financing faster, easier and better for everyone?

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Our Solutions

For Lender Partners

Ownest’s autonomous financing platform lets you save time, increase revenue, gain valuable KYC data insight and get instant credit verification – so you can focus on the work that makes you money. The open API seamlessly integrates with your existing technology. Plus, you can earn referral and annuity bonuses just for using it.


For Affiliate Partners

Our widget-based software connects your website to Ownest’s comprehensive lending software solution. Instantly pre-qualify your customers, automate time consuming processes, gain valuable marketing analytics, build customer loyalty and have complete visibility of the sales journey. Plus, it’s the only platform that pays you to use it.


For Borrowers

Whether you want to purchase a new home, a car, or even household appliances, Ownest’s user-friendly online credit tool will put you in the driver’s seat. Apply online anywhere, anytime – using any device for quick pre-approvals. Plus, our system searches 1000’s of loans and matches the best lenders to you. It’s like the Expedia™ for financing.


How different are we?

Our End-to-End Financing Approval Engine can:

Know which potential customers have real purchasing power, right up-front. Pre-qualify leads in moments with Pront-O, the software that intelligently screens creditworthiness with a few simple questions. Pront-O delivers an accurate credit snapshot, providing you with an easy-to-read green/yellow/red ranking system based on the Five Cs of Credit. It’s a soft credit check, so the customer’s credit score won’t be impacted.

No other fintech software provides a more comprehensive solution to help you save time and money. A host of autonomous, customizable processes make the application process 70% faster, with 67% less paperwork. The potential of our platform is unlimited, so you can streamline your processes whether you’re a builder, lender or facilitating credit-related purchases in any industry.

Access the information and analytics you need to manage leads, customers and the sales process, right from your dashboard. It’s a CRM (and a LOS) that lets you monitor anything from application status to sales conversions to ROI, as well as employee activity and other critical business insights – all in real time. There’s even a shareable industry news feed you can use to heighten engagement with your clients.

The software captures in-depth industry information (such as income verification directly from CRA) but it goes beyond credit capacity to capture demographics, life stage, and geospatial information. These unmatched customer insights not only help you to tailor your sales conversations for upselling or cross-selling opportunities, they can build the loyalty and lifetime value of existing clients.

Our platform provides you with a source of recurring revenue based on the deals you close using our financing approval engine.

Our Partners

Ownest Financial helps you close more deals faster through our proprietary software. With Ownest, your clients can shop around with over 125 different lenders Canada-wide to ensure they are getting the best option possible. And best of all? We pay you to make your job easier!

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