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Our Story

Ownest Financial was founded in 2012 with one main goal – to innovate how financing is done around the world. Gone are the days of shopping for a mortgage, car, or loan with one lender or bank.

With Ownest, you can shop around with over 125 different lenders Canada wide to ensure you are getting the best option possible.

Our Solutions

For Lender Partners

Ownest’s autonomous financing platform lets you save time, increase revenue, gain valuable KYC data insight and get instant credit verification – so you can focus on the work that makes you money. The open API seamlessly integrates with your existing technology. Plus, you can earn referral and annuity bonuses just for using it.


For Affiliate Partners

Our widget-based software connects your website to Ownest’s comprehensive lending software solution. Instantly pre-qualify your customers, automate time consuming processes, gain valuable marketing analytics, build customer loyalty and have complete visibility of the sales journey. Plus, it’s the only platform that pays you to use it.


For Borrowers

Whether you want to purchase a new home, a car, or even household appliances, Ownest’s user-friendly online credit tool will put you in the driver’s seat. Apply online anywhere, anytime – using any device for quick pre-approvals. Plus, our system searches 1000’s of loans and matches the best lenders to you. It’s like the Expedia™ for financing.


Why we're different.

Customers can apply for financing anywhere, anytime, using any device thanks to our secure, cloud-based software.

Our partners have full visibility of the application process in real-time with the convenience of central document storage, CRM functionality and autonomous financing. Information at your fingertips – anywhere, anytime.

With Ownest, you have access to over 125 lenders and 22,000 mortgage products at your fingertips. Our lenders include major banks and lenders, so there’s no need to shop around or hope that you’re getting a good rate at your preferred bank or mortgage broker.

When’s the last time your bank has called you to say that you’re paying too much for your loan, and there’s a better deal available? Probably never. Our software algorithms search aggregate data to each month and will automatically notify you if a better rate is available for you.

Have you been turned down for financing elsewhere or are you scared you may not get approved? We partner with over 125 lenders (and growing!) representing over 22,000 mortgage products.

Our software guides you through the application process and asks the relevant questions that lenders need to know – based on the 5 C’s of lending (collateral, credit, capacity, capital and character) to give them a bigger picture of your credit history.

Ownest’s software has grown to be a comprehensive end-to-end software that benefits affiliate and lender partners – as well as purchasers who require financing.

Our intuitive, user-friendly dashboard is easy to learn – and if you ever need assistance, or if you have questions, we have the industry-leading experts ready to help.

Our Partners

Ownest Financial helps you close more deals faster through our proprietary software. With Ownest, your clients can shop around with over 125 different lenders Canada-wide to ensure they are getting the best option possible. And best of all? We pay you to make your job easier!

Ownest Blog

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