Ownest’s Brokerage

   We Empower Faster Financing

AI-powered tech with a human touch

Our software revolutionizes the mortgage process via automation, making it 70% faster, with 67% less paperwork. It allows a buyer to shop from the comfort of their own home, with access to over 125 lenders and 22,000 mortgage products.

But the Ownest advantage isn’t just about giving the borrower unprecedented choice. Or about giving a broker the ability to know who can actually purchase and speedy automated processes. Ownest is unique in combining AI-powered technology with human experts dedicated to helping the buyer navigate every step of the process.

All the benefits of a brokerage team

Entering into a mortgage is a legal transaction containing terms and conditions borrowers may not always understand. At Ownest, our in-house team of human experts is there to assist with any part of the process buyers have questions about. Whether it’s a query about interest rates, how penalties work, or how a mortgage may impact a buyer’s credit, we’re happy to explain.

Borrowers can get pre-qualified using Pront-O app and take advantage of Maestr-O our convenient online mortgage application, but throughout the process, our experienced team is available to take any guesswork out of financing.

The future of financing, the ultimate customer experience

Our secure platform analyzes thousands of mortgage products to find the best option for the buyer. Our knowledgeable brokers explain the benefits, answer any questions and assist with supporting documentation, if necessary. And they only get paid (by the lender) when the buyer is successful in financing their transaction. The Ownest platform is a win-win for everyone!