Ownest Joins the Prestigious Holt Accelerator 2020 Program


Ownest Joins the Prestigious Holt Accelerator 2020 Program

Selected as Top 1% of All International Fintech Applications


Calgary, Alberta – August 6, 2020 – Ownest Financial (Ownest), an innovative provider of autonomous financing software, is pleased to announce that the Company has been selected to join the Holt Accelerator 2020 program. Ownest is one of only two Canadian companies to join this year’s program.

Ownest’s autonomous financing solution was created by the Company’s Founder and CEO, Kendall Raessler, who has more than 25 years of industry experience as a top mortgage expert in Canada. In 2019, the company launched a comprehensive mortgage point-of-sale portal for borrowers to easily self-manage a simple online application to pre-qualify for a loan – aggregated from over 22,000 mortgage products.

Since then, the software was enhanced to benefit borrowers, lenders and businesses that offer financing for their products by merging the innovative features of the mortgage portal with the functionality of a CRM and Loan Originating System. The cutting-edge, AI-driven platform automates most time-consuming, manual tasks performed by sales teams in the lending space. Ownest’s fully customizable widget-based interface drives qualified leads directly from the point-of-sale and their Pront-O app significantly reduces credit risk by quickly qualifying and intelligently screening the applicant’s borrowing capabilities. Ownest’s comprehensive platform also provides in-depth business intelligence data and is the only financing software solution of its kind that rewards partners with referral and annuity bonuses.

Kendall Raessler, Founder and CEO, stated, “We are thrilled and grateful to have been selected to join the Holt Accelerator 2020 program. Their expertise will help us achieve our aggressive growth targets.” He added, “The pandemic created an economic climate that requires leaner teams and a remote workforce. Our secure, cloud-based platform is a perfect solution to address those challenges – while creating operational efficiencies of up to 70%. Our current focus is on mortgages, but our end-to-end software solution will truly revolutionize the way people borrow and lend money. We’re very excited about the future of financing.”

“We are excited to have selected Ownest, following an extensive vetting process”, stated Jan Arp, Founding Partner, Holt Accelerator. “With over 720 international applications received this year for a coveted spot in the Holt accelerator, Ownest’s financing software capabilities stood out as a necessary innovative solution in a market overdue for disruption. I am proud to welcome Ownest as part of our 2020 family.”


About Ownest
Ownest started in 2012 with the goal to innovate how financing is done around the world. In 2019, the Company launched its B2C software to empower homebuyers to obtain financing online by aggregating best lenders and best rates from over 22,000 mortgage products. Since then, Ownest has shifted their core focus to a cloud-based B2B SaaS model, providing their partners an AI-driven platform that quickly qualifies and intelligently screens potential borrowers. Their cutting-edge platform is designed to drive qualified leads, increase revenue and significantly streamline operations through autonomous financing while providing in-depth data-driven business intelligence. www.OwnestFinancial.com.

About Holt Accelerator
Backed by Holdun, a 5th Generation Family Office, Holt Accelerator is Canada’s most active seed fintech investor. Holt Accelerator is the only business accelerator in Canada that’s focused exclusively on fintech, including insurtech and cybersecurity. Holt tracks over 10,000 early stage fintechs globally and solicits the ones that present a best match with our Partner & Advisory network (over 300+ and growing). They have received over 1,800 applications from over 75 countries, in which they invest in the top 1% of applications globally.

Contact Information:

Kendall Raessler, CEO
Phone: 1.855.699.2400 Ext. 101
Email: Kendall@ownest.ca


Ownest Financial Partners With Alcedio Capital

Ownest Financial Partners With Alcedio Capital

FinTech Start Up Ownest Financial Announces Equity Partnership with Alcedio Capital Inc.

Calgary, AB: Ownest Financial, a Calgary based FinTech company, today announced a new equity partnership with Alcedio Capital Inc. (“Alcedio”), a boutique international capital firm. This partnership will allow Ownest to grow to new markets worldwide, at a much faster rate.

“As a trusted name in the capital markets industry, Alcedio will be able to help address the need for global growth within our clients” says Kendall Raessler, CEO at Ownest Financial. “We chose this partnership as they share our deep interest of ensuring our clients have access to the most efficient and powerful solutions in today’s financial software landscape.”

“With the partnership and help of Alcedio, Ownest Financial will be able to tackle the global market at a much faster rate. With their expertise, we have no doubt that Ownest will soon be a household name in the financial industry worldwide.” adds Raessler.

About Ownest Financial: Ownest Financial was founded in 2012 with one main goal – to innovate how financing is done around the world. With their proprietary software, you can shop over 125 different lenders Canada wide to ensure you are getting the best possible rate on your loan. They have meticulously tested and perfected their software to ensure your clients have a seamless experience and receive a proposal specific to them.

About Alcedio Capital Inc.: Alcedio is an international boutique advisory firm offering an integrated suite of capital markets and advisory services to private and listed issuers. In addition, Alcedio through its asset allocation arm aims to strategically deploy partner capital while aiming to optimize the financial structure of companies through their diverse network of expertise and resources. Alcedio will work with clients and partners to identify strategies to drive sustainable growth and profitability while adding financial controls and sophistication.

To learn more about our partners, visit the link below.

Ownest Financial Partners With Tribune Capital

Ownest Financial Partners With Tribune Capital

Financial Tech Start Up Ownest Financial Announces Equity Partnership with Tribune Capital.

Ownest Financial, a Calgary-based financial tech company, recently announced their partnership with Tribune Capital, a Saskatchewan-based Venture Capital firm. Ownest Financial was founded in 2012 with one main goal – to innovate how financing is done around the world. 

Backed by over 20 years in the mortgage and financing Industry, CEO and Founder, Kendall Raessler aims for Ownest Financial to become the centre hub of mortgage and all other types of personal financing. “We are excited about the new avenues for business growth that this partnership with Tribune Capital will provide,” said Raessler, “Tribune Capital will not only help in increasing the awareness of our technology platform and assist in market share, but they will also work closely with us to maintain a consistent business strategy”. 

With the help of Tribune Capital, Ownest Financial will be able to add new components onto the existing software more quickly. Ownest Financial’s first financial arm has revolutionized the way we think of mortgages. With their proprietary software, you can apply for a mortgage online and choose which mortgage fits your lifestyle. With over 22,000 mortgage products, you can shop for a mortgage just like you would a hotel or a flight. They will also monitor your mortgage monthly in case a better deal comes available that could save you thousands of dollars over the course of your mortgage. “Tribune Capital is introducing us to companies that are complementary to us so that we can help make their processes faster, which in turn makes their processes faster and easier”, Raessler adds. 

Ownest Financial is the newest portfolio company of Tribune Capital. Tribune’s list of other Technology and Cannabis investments include Showpass, Epica, Sorse, Rentmoola,  Four20 and many others. 

To learn more about our partners, visit the link below.

Landmark Homes

Ownest is proud to announce one of our newest partners – Landmark Homes Edmonton!

Landmark Homes prides itself on being Edmonton’s leading master home builder in innovative design, technology & sustainability. They are passionate about building high quality, energy efficient and beautiful homes. With over 17 locations just in Edmonton alone, Landmark Homes offers every home style including condos, townhomes, duplexes, and single-family homes.

Why Ownest is excited to work with Landmark Homes Edmonton

Landmark Homes is focusing on giving the BEST digital customer experience. By using our proprietary software, this partnership will enable Landmark Homes to start selling some of their available homes online!

Why Landmark Homes is excited to work with Ownest

“Landmark Homes is going all digital now and there is no better way to complete our customer digital experience than giving them the opportunity to complete their digital home shopping experience by skipping the line and pain of talking to a mortgage specialist and start using Ownest and get approved in a few minutes. It is all about customer experience for us.” – Moheb H, Marketing Manager at Landmark Homes.

How this will benefit YOU!

When you’re ready to purchase a beautiful Landmark home, you now have access to over 120 lenders (including major banks) and over 22,000 mortgage products so you can rest assured knowing that you have bought at the best possible rate. No more shopping around or wondering if you’re paying too much.

To learn more about our partnership, visit their blog post. In the meantime, why not apply for a mortgage today to see how much you pre-qualify for!