Mortgage Brokers

We Empower Faster Financing – a win-win for you and your customer.

Our game-changing end-to-end autonomous financing technology amps up your productivity and your sales process via pre-qualification and automation.


Know Who Can Purchase – Right Up Front

Our AI instantly and accurately pre-qualifies leads with just eight simple questions, using a soft credit check. Pront-O intelligently screens and ranks leads based on the 5C’s of credit, so you can focus on the clients who actually qualify for a mortgage.

Save Time (70% faster!) and Increase Productivity (67% less paperwork!)

Our software revolutionizes your processes via automation.


With Maestr-O, buyers easily apply online anywhere, anytime, using any device. Our user-friendly software guides the buyer through an online mortgage application, automatically.

Permissions and Consents

CASL and CRA consents and the credit check are embedded into the application, so clients have the opportunity to review, understand and provide consent. Brokers gain the time typically spent on obtaining consents because automated reminders do the work for them.

Filogix Expert Data Extraction

Our platform automatically pulls and pushes application information to and from Expert – no more manual inputs! The platform assigns a brokerage number and the application remains in the Ownest portal until it’s complete.

Easy credit Inquiries plus credit re-building program

We’ve eliminated the need for you to speak to clients regarding credit issues. In addition to the Pront-O soft credit pull upfront, Maestr-O does the hard pull and identifies any credit issues, such as missed payments. It can be directed to follow up or even activate a credit rebuilding email campaign – you decide.

Effortless Document Management

No more chasing down customer documents! Maestr-O identifies the documents required (customized according to your process), sends automated reminders, then uploads them to a secure portal – removing the security risks of email.

Our auto extraction tool reviews and analyzes documents in a fraction of a second.

It can decline documents (with reasons and an explanation) allowing clients to re-submit. The Ownest platform also pulls CRA documents directly from the source, including T4s, T5s, and statements of account, in just moments.

Know Your Customer Like Never Before

Our intelligent software captures the most in-depth information in the industry; you can not only identify the top leads but direct the client conversation around affordability. Geospatial tracking can be used to protect against fraud.


Credit | Capacity | Demographics | Life Stage | Geospatial


Manage leads, clients, and partner communications

Instant access to real-time document updates and communications makes partner and referral reporting easy and flexible. Manage your team within the portal via CRM connection, and track sales conversions and employee productivity in the Ownest dashboard.

Easily Mine Client Data

The software allows you to easily pull a range of client data from Expert in customizable formats, eliminating the need to extract information and create external spreadsheets.

Time saving technology for private lending

Automation allows all elements of the transaction to remain in our portal and mortgages to be underwritten based on your parameters. All files may be easily accessed and manipulated, eliminating the need for external email communications.

Seamless White labelling

We developed a widget that white-labels transactions effortlessly – seamlessly integrating them into your brand via front-end integration. We tailor the solution to your business and brand, customizing everything from e-mail templates to proposals.

Secure and Compliant

Your data is safe with us. We meet or exceed the most stringent compliance requirements and are fully accredited under ISO 27001:2013, SOC 1 and 2, SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, SOX, PCI L1, FISMA Moderate.