Ownest Financial Partners With Tribune Capital

Ownest Financial Partners With Tribune Capital

Financial Tech Start Up Ownest Financial Announces Equity Partnership with Tribune Capital.

Ownest Financial, a Calgary-based financial tech company, recently announced their partnership with Tribune Capital, a Saskatchewan-based Venture Capital firm. Ownest Financial was founded in 2012 with one main goal – to innovate how financing is done around the world. 

Backed by over 20 years in the mortgage and financing Industry, CEO and Founder, Kendall Raessler aims for Ownest Financial to become the centre hub of mortgage and all other types of personal financing. “We are excited about the new avenues for business growth that this partnership with Tribune Capital will provide,” said Raessler, “Tribune Capital will not only help in increasing the awareness of our technology platform and assist in market share, but they will also work closely with us to maintain a consistent business strategy”. 

With the help of Tribune Capital, Ownest Financial will be able to add new components onto the existing software more quickly. Ownest Financial’s first financial arm has revolutionized the way we think of mortgages. With their proprietary software, you can apply for a mortgage online and choose which mortgage fits your lifestyle. With over 22,000 mortgage products, you can shop for a mortgage just like you would a hotel or a flight. They will also monitor your mortgage monthly in case a better deal comes available that could save you thousands of dollars over the course of your mortgage. “Tribune Capital is introducing us to companies that are complementary to us so that we can help make their processes faster, which in turn makes their processes faster and easier”, Raessler adds. 

Ownest Financial is the newest portfolio company of Tribune Capital. Tribune’s list of other Technology and Cannabis investments include Showpass, Epica, Sorse, Rentmoola,  Four20 and many others. 

To learn more about our partners, visit the link below.