Ownest's Pront-O is the ultimate lead qualifier.

Ownest Pront-O App prequalifies your buyers in an instant

Know who can purchase what – right up-front.

Our cutting-edge software instantly and accurately pre-qualifies potential customers with just a few simple questions. Imagine knowing the creditworthiness of your customer immediately, with minimal input from them and no effort on your part. With Pront-O, time-consuming credit checks are a thing of the past.

Leads Qualified Using the 5 C’s of Credit

Your leads are intelligently pre-qualified and ranked based on the Five C’s of Credit, using the most in-depth information in the industry, with a soft credit check via Equifax.


   Credit Score |  Capital |  Character |  Capacity |  Collateral
Ownest's Pront-O app Instantly Pre-Qualify Borrowers with the 5Cs of Credit



The rankings will be instantly accessible to you in real-time on your customized dashboard, from any device as a Green/Yellow/Red ranking system.


  • Green = Able to purchase now
  • Yellow = Can purchase
  • Red = May have some difficulties purchasing, but options are available to improve the score
   Quickly prioritize the most qualified leads.

As a vendor, you can easily prioritize your leads at a glance, simply by focusing on the applicants with more green and yellow rankings.

How Does Pront-O Work?

Our widget drives purchase-ready leads at the point of purchase, whether it’s your website, social media feed, online ads, or on a show suite device. The widget is powered by Ownest and personalized to your brand. Potential applicants or buyers simply click on a link to start the quick and easy pre-qualification process.

Ownest's lead qualifier, Pront-O, can be embedded in home builders webpages

Once your applicant or borrower answers a few simple, permission-based questions, Pront-O delivers a bigger credit picture straight to your dashboard, ranking the customer red, yellow or green.

The Pront-O lead qualifier simplifies your due diligence. Plus, it only performs a soft-credit check, so customers won’t need to worry about affecting their credit score.

Know Your Customer – Right Up Front

Knowing your customer’s creditworthiness at a glance provides you with valuable insights. It gives you the ability to lead the sales conversation intelligently, identifying the most appropriate product, or upselling or cross-selling opportunities based on what they can actually afford. Pront-O gives your borrower choice, convenience and control – and you have an instant, accurate snapshot of their creditworthiness. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Unmatched Customer Insights

In addition to instantly validating your customer’s actual verified income via Revenue Canada, once the applicant is a customer, you’ll get other in-depth insights about your customer such as demographics, life stage, geospatial data and more. These insights give you the potential to build customer loyalty over their entire purchasing lifecycle.

Advanced Technology You Can Trust

Ownest’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates into and enhances your existing systems. Our technology meets or exceeds the strictest compliance requirements, so you and your customer can rest assured all information is secure.

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