Real Estate Software B2B

Our game-changing, end-to-end financing approval engine is the future of financing.

Why? Because we solved the biggest inefficiencies in the mortgage industry to power faster financing.

Now, you can use our platform to empower your real estate industry customers!

Leverage our automated, AI-powered software to help your customers ramp up their sales process and sell more homes, faster. It’s a fintech and a proptech solution in one!

Ownest's lead qualifier, Pront-O, can be embedded in home builders webpages

Know Which Leads Can Actually Purchase Right Up Front

Financial qualification allows builders or realtors to immediately know their customer’s purchasing power. It eliminates the question of affordability – instantly, painlessly, and accurately – for any real-estate transaction.

Now, they can instantly know their customer’s ability to borrow based on their creditworthiness and have the power to:

Pre-qualify customers  |  Validate offers  |  Verify Buyers  |  Rank leads based on their quality

Instantly Qualify Inbound Leads

Our AI identifies the hottest prospects so your customers can focus on purchase-ready leads and close more deals faster than ever before.


Automated mortgage process

Our autonomous software speeds up the mortgage process by 70%, with 67% less paperwork!


Choose from Two Modular Tools

Deploy both our lead prequalification tool (Pront-O) and our automated financing/mortgage process (Maestr-O) or subscribe to one or the other.


Secure and Compliant

Your data is safe with us. We meet or exceed the most stringent compliance requirements and are fully accredited under ISO 27001:2013, SOC 1 and 2, SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, SOX, PCI L1, FISMA Moderate.

Seamless White Labelling via Front End Integration

Our widget white-labels transactions effortlessly, seamlessly integrating them into your brand via direct front end integration. We tailor the solution to your business and brand – or the brand of your customer.


Flexible and Customizable Open Platform

Our REST API platform leverages existing protocols for easy integration, scalability and portability and is adaptable to your business forms and processes.


We Support Your Business Strategy

We work as your strategic partner to understand your business goals and deploy our solution based on your needs.

    • Software support

    • Financing and mortgage expertise

    • Client Support – in-house experts to help buyers secure financing.

The Tools

The Ultimate Lead Qualifier lets you know who can purchase – right upfront.

Our cutting-edge software instantly and accurately pre-qualifies potential homebuyers with just 8 simple questions.

Tired of mortgage solutions that are stuck in analog? Our Autonomous Mortgage Application process is 70% faster, with 67% less paperwork.

With Maestr-O, buyers can easily apply online anywhere, with any device. Our user-friendly software is embedded into your platform.